How To Froth Almond Milk Without Frother

Wondering about how to froth almond milk without frother? here are eight different methods to froth almond milk without a frother.
Whenever we need a cup of coffee we always want it to be the best so that it can lift our mood instantly. And if we can froth the milk properly then the coffee can look and taste the best.

But it is not always possible to froth your milk perfectly without a good quality frother. So in that case you need to know how you can froth your milk naturally at home without using a proper milk frother. Because it can improve the taste a lot and you will enjoy your coffee a lot more than just mixing the milk with it.

That is why you need to learn how to froth your milk nicely. There are several ways to do it and you can choose any of them at your convenience. The basic need before frothing your milk is to heat it. You should heat the milk to around 60-68 degrees Celsius temperature. Because if you don’t do that, the taste will not be appropriate and the froth will be less as well. Here we have discussed the top 8 ways by which you can froth your milk so nicely that it will enhance the look as well as the taste of your coffee to a great extent.

How to Froth Almond Milk Without  Frother

1. Shake it well in a jar

How To Froth Almond Milk Without A Frother

The easiest way to froth your milk is to shake it in the jar. You need to take a tight glass jar and pour the warm milk inside it. After that, you have to close the lid very carefully and tightly so that milk cannot spill out of it. Then, you have to shake it very fast so that air bubbles can get into every point in the milk. You need to make sure that you should not heat the milk too much.

Because in that case, the glass jar may get damaged. Moreover while holding the jar you should be careful not to burn your hand and for that, you can use a towel to hold it as well. If you want proper latte art then this process will not work for you. Because it will create very large-sized bubbles in the froth.

2. Whisking by your hand

How To Froth Almond Milk Without A Frother

Nothing can create a better froth in milk than your hand. You can just use a simple blender from your kitchen and create consistent froth in your milk very easily. The kind of foam generated in this method is much better than the previous method. Because the froth will have smaller bubbles than the shaking method.

Deciding the motion is a very big factor when choosing this way to froth your milk. Most people prefer circular motion to do that. But actually, if you do the back-and-forth motion then it will be much easier and better for you to create the froth quickly. Because in back and forth motion, milk gets very little time to accumulate the bubbles and that is why smaller bubbles are created. This is one of the best methods if you are looking for Almond milk frothing without a machine.

3. Mixing with Electric Mixer

How To Froth Almond Milk Without Frother

Sometimes hand blender will not give you enough force to create perfect froth in your milk. In that case, you can use an electric mixer from your kitchen to do the job perfectly. First, you need to heat the milk to some extent so that some air bubbles can get inside it easily. Then you need to take it in a jar or a mug where you want to place the milk after frothing.

Then you can simply take the electric mixer and start whisking it till it can reach the type of frothiness you want. As an electric mixer can create better force than your hand while whisking, it will generate a better foam than the previous process. If you want a little bit of better perfection than the hand blender whisking method then you can go for this one.

4. Use a Wand

How To Froth Almond Milk Without Frother

Currently, the market is full of frothing wands for people who like to have a little bit of froth in their milk while mixing it with their favorite coffee. You can get one of them and do the frothing all by yourself. At first, you need to warm the milk and then immerse the wand inside it and switch it on. It is an electric appliance and can create a wonderful foam in your milk during the frothing method.

The foam created by this wand is generally fine. You can also add a little bit of flavor while whisking the milk with it. There are different ingredients like cocoa, coffee, and many other flavor powders which you can choose to whisk with your milk. A frothing wand is a very compact element in your kitchen and you can fit it anywhere you want. Most of the time you can get it very easily online or offline and the battery-operated machines are quite reasonable as well.

5. Use your kitchen Blender

All the above methods are done by using your hand. But if you don’t want to do that at all then you can simply use your blender to do the job for you. You can simply froth the milk by using a blender and you need to blend it at a very medium speed till the froth starts generating. You can stop the machine when you will feel that enough foam is created.

You should always make sure that you cover the lid of the blender properly so that the milk does not spill out of it whenever you will start it. In this process, the bubbles generated are small and quite uniform throughout the milk and that is why if you want your milk to have uniform foam then this process can be the best choice for you.

6. Get an Immersion Blender

Sometimes normal blenders cannot create the type of foam we want in the milk. In that case, you can get yourself an immersion blender which will work better. In this case, you need to heat the milk and then put it in a very large and deep bowl. Then you just need to put the immersion blender inside so that all the blades are inside the bowl and immersed in the milk.

You have to start the blender and create the froth as per your requirement. You just need to make sure that you choose a deep container so that it cannot spill the milk all over the place. Also, you should always pay attention to the height of the milk inside the bowl because whenever you will start creating the froth it will tend to overflow. If you take care of these things then you will be able to make a beautiful froth in the milk very easily.

7. Pump it up

There is a lot of pump-style frother in the market which is quite useful and cheaper than conventional frother. It can create an awesome creamy layer of foam on the milk just like you want in your coffee. The whole process to make it is quite simple. You need to heat the milk and pour it into the machine.

You have to make sure that you don’t fill it completely because milk always expands while you will froth it. Then you need to pump it using the handle rigorously for around 20 seconds. You have to make sure that you take care of your hands while doing it and you can use a separate pad while holding it because the milk will be quite hot. After you complete the frothing process, keep the milk as it is for 1 minute and then pour it for further use.

8. Use your French Press

Yes. Normal French press which is used to make coffee can be a very good frother for milk as well. If you have a French press then you don’t need to buy another milk frother to make your coffee wonderful. It will work just like the pump frother machine. You need to heat the milk and after pouring it into the French press you just have to pump it up again for around 10 seconds.

You can also do the whole process after adding the coffee to it. In that case, you need to use instant coffee powder and you will be able to create a full-fledged foamed coffee by using your French Press machine. It is a very good way to do it because the French press can work as a multi-purpose machine for you.


These are the 8 ways by which you can create awesome froth in your milk without using any conventional frother. Sometimes the frothers are quite expensive and that is why people go for the substitute methods to do it instead. You can also get some blender or pump frothers which are reasonable as well.

But if you ask us then we will recommend you to use the French press method because it will serve all of your purposes easily without getting different machines for each operation. And that is quite a cool way to create the froth on the milk. Isn’t it?

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