Epica automatic electric milk frother review

Here is the review of the Epica Automatic Milk Frother and heater carafe. I am someone who likes to drink a large mug of coffee in the morning. Yes, I am very picky about my coffee and I love my matcha for its earthy flavor and strong caffeine kick. The captivating green color and antioxidant properties detoxify my system, but moving on I purchased a new automatic milk frother a few months back.

I was searching for a milk frother that would make my coffee very creamy and came across the Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe since it was highly recommended. In the 3 months that I have used this handy appliance,

I have used it to make my milk foam every single day. The Epica milk frother lets me enjoy legit lattes and cappuccinos, and I have recently figured out how to make my matcha latte even more delicious with the use of this appliance. There is a reason why this milk frother has over 6,000 reviews on Amazon.

Epica automatic electric milk frother

Design and components

The Epica automatic milk frother is not significantly different from other milk frothers in terms of its features. It has a stainless steel carafe that comes with a transparent plastic lid, a cleaning brush, and a base. It has a very simple and effective design with no unnecessary distractions.

There are buttons on the exterior of the pitcher to run programs and the frame for the buttons is made of black plastic. The buttons have a rubbery feel to them and are very easy to use since they have clear indication marks: an icon of steam for warming milk, and an icon of snowflakes for frothing cold milk. There is a light indicator that glows blue and shows if it is running or completed a program.

The interior of the pitcher has a black plastic cover that indicates the lower and higher levels of milk. The lower line indicates the quantity of milk to be frothed, and the higher mark is for the max quantity of milk for warming up.

The transparent lid does a good job of preventing any spills while the milk is being whipped. So, I found that I never have to worry about keeping my kitchen counter clean. Moreover, the black plastic handle attached to the pitcher’s body offers a good grip, so you will not accidentally spill milk while lifting the pitcher.

Lastly, the base is responsible for running the frothing mechanism since it has a power chord that needs to be connected to a power source.

The Epica milk frother is the perfect frothing machine for those people who have a small countertop or kitchen space since it takes up very little space. It is also a great choice if you have pets since it makes almost no noise.

Features And Benefits

Epica automatic electric milk frother

  • The appliance makes creamy cappuccinos, luscious lattes, and legit matcha lattes.
  • While most milk frothers only allow the user to make hot foams, the Epica allows you to make lathery hot foam and creamy cold foam.
  • The non-stick interior coating makes the carafe very easy to clean.
  • It has a stainless steel body with vacuum insulation that maintains milk temperature.
  • The pitcher has a capacity of Frothing- 4.25 oz/125ml, and heating- 8.5/250ml.
  • The appliance comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Epica milk frother is very easy to clean, but do not put it in a dishwasher as it is not dishwasher safe. You must wash it in running tap water and it will get squeaky clean immediately. Another thing that caught my eye while shopping for milk frothers is that the Epica frother had the vacuum-insulated feature. Now, I am no scientist so I had to do a little research on this one on the internet.

Vacuum insulation works by eliminating convection as a form of heat transfer since it relies on gases. Studies have shown that vacuum insulation is superior to regular insulation. So, with that in mind I understood what was in store for me should I pick up the Epica milk frother, and I did. The pitcher keeps my warm froth warm and cold froth cold for a longer period.

The vacuum insulation feature is a great advantage for those people who want to carry their warm or cold cappuccinos to a picnic spot. Since the carafe detaches from the motor, it is very easy to carry around with you. I have personally taken it with me on a weekend-long drive with my friends, and it did not spill or change in temperature at all.

The Epica frother has measurement indicators so you will never go wrong with your frothing or warming of milk. While heating, you can go all the way to the 250 ml mark. However, make sure you do not pour in excess of the 125ml mark while frothing your milk. Adding excess milk will cause the froth to overflow and create a mess.

The Epica has a 2-year warranty and every one of us is quite familiar with the significance of a warranty. A 2-year warranty is a good indicator of the quality of an appliance such as a milk frother. It does give me peace of mind knowing that if something were to go wrong with my milk frother, it wouldn’t be too hard to call up the manufacturer and have them do something about it.

Pros And Cons

If we are going to compare various automatic milk frothers available in the market, the Epica does stand out for 2 reasons.

  • Firstly, The Epica beats the rest of the competition by a real margin when it comes to the price point. The appliance is cheaper than most other milk frothers even at the list price, while it has most of the features. So, the Epica does offer a great deal.

  • remember that fancy vacuum insulation feature I told you about? It is a big criterion for those coffee aficionados who like to take a sip of their cappuccino now and then, without having to prepare fresh coffee throughout the day.

  • The milk frother does have a tendency to overflow milk even after following the instructions and filling up to the right frothing level. So, you can try filling a little below the suggested level, and see if it works for you.

Despite a single misgiving, the Epica stands tall above the rest. If you have made up your mind about purchasing the Epica milk frother, you can purchase it for under $100, making it the cheapest among a wide variety of automatic milk frothers in the market. You can wait for a sale period if you want to get this appliance for an even cheaper price.

How to use Epica automatic milk frother

Pour fresh milk up to either one of the two fill lines based on whether you want to heat or froth. Place the lid securely and then set the right program. The machine turns off automatically once the program has been completed. It does not make an annoying beep noise like your microwave.

You need to remove the steel whisk from the inside if you intend on heating milk, or else you will end up making and drinking a latte off the kitchen counter. So, make it a point to thoroughly read the user’s manual before you use the appliance.

I find making a matcha latte a breeze ever since I brought home this magical milk-frothing device. All I have to do is add a tiny amount of milk, honey, and matcha to the carafe and set the appliance to the warming-up program without taking out the whisk. The appliance will warm and mix all the ingredients in a concentrated formula.

The trick is to use less milk so that it does not spill. With a little trial and error and you will eventually know the right amount of milk to use in your matcha latte. The appliance has helped me save a lot of time and effort while making my matcha lattes.

The Epica frother is without a shadow of a doubt an efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly milk frother. In my humble opinion, you cannot go wrong with this product. It ticks all the checkboxes for the perfect automatic milk frother and it has been serving me for months without any hassles. It is very reliable and allows me to make all of my favorite caffeine beverages be it a hot latte or cappuccino.

The heavy-duty motor works with resilience to give you that luxurious, creamy, and long-lasting froth. It creates an excellent froth from whole milk and even soya milk or low-fat milk. You will never feel like buying whipping cream again!

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