Can you Freeze Coconut Milk

Can you freeze coconut milk? here are 5 different ways to freeze coconut milk! Nowadays people prefer coconut milk over cow milk for dietary reasons. It is also the main source of all the nutrients for vegan people. Coconut milk is one of the main ingredients in Thai recipes. But if you buy coconut milk can from the market then some leftovers may be there. Because your recipe may not need the whole can of milk. So, what will you do in that case? You have to preserve it for further use. But there are some factors about the freezing of coconut milk.

How To Freeze Coconut Milk

Can you Freeze Coconut Milk

5 Different Methods To Freeze Coconut Milk

The coconut milk manufacturing companies don’t suggest freezing coconut milk at all. Because after freezing, the texture and taste of the milk will change. The solids in the milk will get separated from the liquid part and that is why it will look like a grainy liquid. In that case, you have to put the milk in a blender and blend it for some time. After doing it, you will see a consistent texture in the milk. But it will not be like the fresh milk you had before. There is a specific process by which you can freeze coconut milk.

Use your regular ice tray

How To Freeze Coconut Milk

Ice tray is a very good element to use if you want to freeze coconut milk. This method is only applicable if you don’t have a particular portion size for your next meal. In this process, you have to pour the coconut milk into the small chambers of the ice tray. Then you have to keep it for at least 3 to 5 hours so that it can freeze. Sometimes the upper surface of the cubes will freeze but the whole liquid will not have the same freezing temp as coconut milk.

In that case, it is always best to leave them overnight in the freezer. In this process, you have to take small portions of milk and freeze them in an ice tray. When you will see that the freezing is incomplete, you can remove the cubes. Then you can put them in a container or a simple Ziplock bag in your fridge. It is one of the most conventional and easiest ways to do it.

Pour the milk into a glass jar and freeze it

Can you Freeze Coconut Milk

You can use a normal glass jar or a mason jar to freeze coconut milk. But you need to make sure that the container is completely airtight. Otherwise, the milk can get damaged because of the bacteria present in the air. So, in this process, you have to put the coconut milk into the jar and tighten the lid. You can also use some petroleum jelly to make it airtight. Then you have to keep it for around 5 hours in the refrigerator. If you see that it is not frozen then you can leave it overnight as well. It will not be a problem for you to separate the portion after you defrost it.

Buy some silicon lids

Can you Freeze Coconut Milk

If you have confused about whether your containers are airtight or not then you can use a silicone lid to make them airtight as well. These are available online and you can get different sizes of silicone lids. In this process, you have to keep the coconut milk in a deep container and cover it with silicone lids. You have to be careful that the lids should be tight. Because that is the process by which you can cover up the container. Before purchasing silicone lids to freeze your coconut milk, you should check the product’s quality. If you find any holes or scratches on the leads then you should simply avoid purchasing.

Wrap it up with aluminum foil

Can you Freeze Coconut Milk

If you want to cover up the coconut milk while freezing it, you can choose aluminum foil to do that for you. Aluminum foils are very effective if you want a completely airtight covering on the container of coconut milk. You should make sure that you wrap the container properly and there is no leakage. Because in that case the milk can get damaged because of the outside air. This process is very simple if you don’t have a big ice tray or a glass jar at home. It can serve your purpose well and you won’t have to worry about the covering at all. But you have to spend a little more extra time freezing the milk.

Use the common Zip lock packages

How To Freeze Coconut Milk

You can pour the coconut milk inside the Zip lock package to store it inside the refrigerator. It is one of the best ways to freeze coconut milk without putting it inside a covered container. Sometimes it is very tough to remove the frozen coconut milk from the container afterward. That is why if you use the Zip lock package instead then you can open the lock and use the frozen milk.

You need to make sure that the package should not have any holes or scratches. Because in that case there will be a very high chance that the milk will get leaked. You will get different sizes of zip-lock packages online. If you want to buy them then you should go through the specifications to know the size and quality.


How Long can you freeze coconut milk?

All the coconut milk manufacturing companies always suggest not freezing coconut milk. But if you have to freeze it for longer use then you should not keep it for more than one month. It is always recommended that you should not keep it that long and use it up sooner.

Can you freeze coconut milk yogurt?

Coconut milk yogurt has a very high-fat content. So, you can freeze it if you want to have it later on. So, if you have made a lot of yogurt from coconut milk then you can freeze it in your refrigerator for quite some time.

How long does coconut milk last?

You will get coconut milk in cans in the market. These cans will last for around 3 to 4 weeks from the packaging day. But if you open it then you have to use it within 10 days if you don’t want the milk to get spoiled.

Can you freeze coconut milk from a can?

Most of the time the canned milk gets spoilt soon. If you have to freeze coconut milk then you should not do that in the can. You need to transfer the coconut milk into a jar or ice tray and freeze it to use later on.

Can you freeze unopened organic coconut milk?

If you want to save your coconut milk for a long time use then you can freeze it. But most of the time if you freeze the unopened organic coconut milk then the fat in the milk gets separated. And in this case, you will not enjoy the taste and texture of the milk at all.

Can you freeze coconut milk in a carton?

Yes. It is completely safe to freeze your coconut milk in a carton. But you have to make sure that it is completely airtight. Otherwise, there will be some bacteria inside the liquid. They can cause serious problems to your health.


These are the major processes by which you can freeze coconut milk. In the whole process, you have to pay attention to the freezing temp of coconut milk. Because the texture of coconut milk is different from the normal cow milk we use in our everyday life.

So, you have to be extra careful with the temperature if you have chosen coconut milk over cow milk. It is very healthy to use but quite tough to store or freeze for a long time. So, if you don’t want to get serious health problems then you should not store coconut milk for a very long time.

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